Vehicle Licensing

Tab Renewals (Registration)

What do you need to renew your tabs?

  • Current photo ID
  • We will need your vehicle plate number or VIN number to access your vehicle account. It would be helpful if you have your Vehicle Renewal Notice with you.
  • Another person may pick up the registered owner’s tabs if they share the same last name or address on their valid driver’s license as the registration. If not, then a signed note of authorization from the registered owner along with their driver’s license number is required.
  • If you are picking up for a business, you must have some proof linking you to the company for which you are picking up. (examples include: the company’s business card with your name, a signed note of permission on company’s letterhead, a credit card in both your name and the company’s name)

Do you need an emissions test?

  • As of January 2020, emissions testing is no longer required in the State of Washington.

Purchased a new or used vehicle?

  • All vehicles that will be used on public roads within the State of Washington must be licensed. If you purchase your car, truck, camper, motor home or other vehicle from a Washington dealer, the dealer will transfer the title for you.
  • If you purchase your vehicle from a private party, you will need to transfer the title yourself. All of the new registered owners must be here in person with current Washington State driver’s licenses.

What will I need?

  • The title properly released
  • Documentation of the purchase price
  • Federal odometer statement on vehicles less than 10 years old
  • Certain specialty cases, such as a leased vehicle, may require additional documents. Please call with questions.
  • You and anyone else who wants to be on the title, needs to be present and will need a valid Washington State driver’s license.
  • Cash, check or money order (No additional fees)
  • We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. (Additional fees apply)

PLEASE NOTE: Washington-titled vehicles must be registered within fifteen (15) days after purchase date to avoid penalty fees. A $25 penalty is charged on the 16th day with an additional $2.00 charge each day thereafter until a maximum amount of $125 penalty is reached.